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  1. marge says:

    Thanks for sharing this Larry. A lot of man hours went into it. I love your tropical layout. Marge

  2. tlc2011 says:

    Before I was out of High School in 1955 I was building Street Rods in Miami, Fl. & Hialeah, Fl. I joined the Navy in 1955 from the Reserves & went Regular Navy out of Bootcamp in 1956. After I got out of the Navy in 1959 I went to work for a Trucking Co. in Miami driving Semi’s doing local deliveries. I met my Wife of 51 years at Rustic Roller Rink in Hialeah in March of 1959 & we got Married in June of 1959. After a short time we went on our Honeymoon in Augusta Maine. I stayed up there until the winter season started & came back to Hialeah. Before we left on our HM I bought a 1953 Oldsmobile 98 to get the V8 engine & tranny to go in my 1947 Ford 2 Dr. Sedan. After we got back about Dec. of 1959 I went to work for Gateway Trucking in Miami. I then started building Hotrods again for myself & friends. My wife & I would work at the Dragstrip on the weekends at Amelia Heart Field in Hialeah & get to run my Ford for free at the Drags. In 1964 I bought a 1953 Studebaker Starliner HT Coupe. Sold my Ford & started buying up all of the 49 to 65 Studebakers that I could find. At 1 time I had over 35 cars & trucks stored on some vacant property. I was known around Dade & Broward Counties as “Larry the Studebaker Man”.
    I started doing some Custom Metal Sculptures in 1969 at my dads welding shop in Hialeah on W.3rd Ct. In 1971 we moved here to Arcadia, Fl. & moved the business w/us. We built a 40 by 80 ft. steel building & did quite well w/4 diff. businesses. Welding Shop, Speed Shop, Flea Market & Govt.Surplus hardware. In 1981 we sold the business & the Building & I started making metal sculptures from all of the leftover junk, scrap, truck & tractor parts, etc. I wasn’t making a good living at this, so, a friend got me a job w/Zee Medical as an Outside Salesman. I had 14 counties & did quite well. made a very good living & was always the top salesman every year.
    I also had my own business in the same field after I left Zee in 1988. Later on I sold out to another company. In 1992 I went to work for the Ed Lowe Corp. making Metal Sculptures on his ranch here in Arcadia. In 1995 after all of the Art was finished I was laid off & went to work for the First Aid company that had bought me out. That was in 2002. I went to work for Walmart here in Arcadia in 2003 to 2007. In 2007 I Retired for the 2nd time & now all I do is work on my Train Layout & help friends w/all their projects. My art is all over the world. I have made pieces in Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum & mixed metals.
    My train layout has many visitors year around & people that have bought my art over the years stop by an visit every once in a great while.

  3. BOB says:

    Hi Larry, I got your web site when I searched for info about N J switch machines. I would love to see your layout.
    I have a layout in Leesburg that is 1200 sq ft. & I wish you could come to see it.
    I moved to FL ten years ago when I retired from aerospace work.
    Hope to hear from you soon, BOB

    • tlc2011 says:

      Hi Bob, Just a little slow answering your comment. Just got back from a months vacation & just checking the Blog reply sheet. Would love to see your layout sometimes. If you ever get down my way give me a message at; I’m retired & home most of the time. My visitors start showing up in large groups from Oct. to May& that keeps me pretty busy for those months. Thanks for reading my Blog.

  4. wes lofton says:

    Mr. Larry sounds like a you had a great life . I’ve started reading your post on trains and it has been a great jurney for me. Keep it all coming.

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