Hi Everyone. Getting out of the Model Railroad Hobby. Taking everything apart in the next 2 weeks & then start selling everything after that. My Health is the determining factor in my decision. Back Problems, Leg Cramps, Stomach Problems & Feet Problems. I keep thinking I’m still young, but the body says otherwise. At 74 I’m still doing pretty good for my age compared to a lot of my friends at my age. I won’t sell anything on Ebay, but will sell everything on the ModelRailroadForums.com which I have been a member since 2000. This Web Site is like family to me. 75% of the engines I have bought for my railroad have come from members of this Web Site. I have always kept my engines in perfect running condition & everyone on the Forum knows this. I expect it is going to take me 36 months or more to sell everything.

Everyone that is reading this right now can contact me at; gaprailroad2010@yahoo.comor go to the ModelRailroadForums.com & look in the ForSale/Trade heading & contact me thru that web site.

Thanks to everyone that has read this Blog over the past year & I really appreciate your fine Comments.


About tlc2011

My Hobby is HO Scale Model Railroading & some Digital Photography. I'm retired & married.

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  1. railroadonadime says:

    I’ll be sorry to see you bow out – you always had unique ideas for doing things. Good luck and best wishes on your health. so… where does a Floridian retire to???

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