Went in the Hospital in Port Charlotte Mon. the 17th & had back Surgery on the 4th&5th Disc. & the Tailbone. Don’t know what they did exactly, but I have about an 8″ spot w/27 staples. It’s sore as Hell even w/pain pills. The Doc told me Thurs.(the 20th) when the Hosp. discharged me to use the Walker they gave me & a big wide back brace anytime I’m walking or sitting. Only can sit in front of the puter for about 15 mins. before it starts bothering me. So, I’ll up date what’s happening later or tomorrow.

Well, here it is the 23rd & the back pain has went away just a little if I take a half of a painpill when it starts bothering me. Have a doctors appt. this coming wed. & he’s supposed to remove the staples. Hope-Hope-Hope. I need to get back to work on the train layout, go to upcoming trainshows, train meets, visit friends & update this Blog w/some new/old pictures. I was searching thru my Art Album today to see if I had left anything out of all the pix I have on here & in my PhotoBucket acct.  I found about 60 Art pictures that I will list under Misc. ART.

Went to the doctor yesterday & had the staples taken out of the back. Painful. Little sore today, but feel a lot better. Still have a little pain in the right leg, but the doc said that will probably go away in about a week. Got a followup appt. in 2 weeks.

Area around where the surgery was done has been itching all day, so it must be healing up. Wife put some Neosporin on 1 small open area & put on some elastic bandaids. The visiting nurse will be by tomorrow to close out my visits. I’ll have her check to see if it’s healing up right.

The nurse checked it out yesterday & said the healing process is doing very well. Also, yesterday I finally got to take a whole shower instead of sponge baths. Must have stayed in their for an hour. Today. I don’t have hardly any pain in my leg or back. I spent to much time today in the trainroom w/a lot of visitors & stood on that concrete floor to long. Hurting a little in the back & the side of the leg. Have to remember I’ve only been out of the hospital for a short time & have to take it easier a little bit longer. (sat. Jan. 29th 2011)

Wed. Feb.2nd. Doing 80% better since surgery. The visiting nurse signed me off today. No more visits from her except to bring her twin sister & grandson by in July to see the train layout & to see some of the metal sculptures I still have around here. I figure by the end of Feb. I will be healed up 100% & able to have a garage sale about the 4th & 5th of March. We won’t go to NC this year in May as we do every year. Stay home & do some work around the house. Still have 1 place on top of the right leg that doesn’t have all of the feeling back. Going to the Doc again next wed. at 4pm & supposed to release me for Physical Therapy to start 2 weeks after that. Update later.


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My Hobby is HO Scale Model Railroading & some Digital Photography. I'm retired & married.

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