The Red parade Truck was built on an AMF riding lawnmower frame w/a 10Hp Briggs engine. Had a 3 speed transmission w/a 5 speed variable gear for a higher speed. The body was all handmade from 14ga. steel. front wheels & tires were standard. rear tires & wheels were 14″ Ford aluminum mags. Had electric start & the top speed was about 15mph. I had 3 small trailers I pulled. 2 had old school bus seats & one was for hauling Dragon Art. I had a small tractor muffler underneath aimed at the back w/a 45 degree downturned tailpipe. The Hood on the front opened up just like a car. The interior had a full width seat & was upholstered. The width inside the truck was about 3ft. I taught a teenager how to weld & use torces & a mig & diff. saws & grinders. I also let him drive it in all the parades. I had decals whim as the driver & my name as the designer. I put a loud set of air horns on the roof. Had the tank mounted under the pickup bed out of sight. 125#’s of air would usually last thru a whole parade if you didn’t hold the valve open all the time. We also had OOga horns, Bull Horn & a Large elect. bell. I was always on one of the trailers w/a seat & we always had a friend on the other trailer. The Dragon trailer was made to hold 3 diff. sizes of dragons. Also had lites front & back for driving in nite parades.

All of the above small pieces of  art were made out of diff. kinds of metals. Steel, stainless steel & copper. All of the above have been sold over the years.


About tlc2011

My Hobby is HO Scale Model Railroading & some Digital Photography. I'm retired & married.

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  1. David says:

    Love the mailbox!!

    • tlc2011 says:

      David, About 4 years ago when the County was changing all of the mailboxes on my road w/all of the same size & a post just the right heighth for the mailman they were coming down the road w/a flatbed trailer. They got down to mine & i was standing there. I told them if you want to pay me $400.00 for this box, truck & aluminum post then you can change the box. They called the office & they said, “Nope,we’re not paying him, just leave it”. So, I’m the only person on my road w/a big mailbox & it’s painted black w/my name & address on it. My road is 5 miles long. When I give directions I tell the people I’m the only one on this road w/a big black mailbox. LOL

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