What I want to do w/this Blog is try to keep my focus on Metal Art. It use to be Model Railroading, but this year in Oct. 2012 I decided to dismantle the Layout & go back to making more Metal Sculptures. I’m changing all of my yard signs from “To the Trains” with an Arrow pointing to my shop, to a change that says, “To the Art Shop” with the same arrow. The sign in front of the shop will be sold to a friend for his Model Railroad & it will be replaced with a sign that says. “Parking for People Interested in Metal Sculptures”. The sign on my car side windows will be changed from, “Just Got Trains” to “Just Got Met-L-Art”. The only thing I will have to change is the word Met-L-Art. I will have to buy some new welding equipment after I sell all my Trains. I’m going to purchase a 150 to 175 Miller Mig Welder, a Miller Plasma Cutter, a New HD Chop Saw & some other equipment.





About tlc2011

My Hobby is HO Scale Model Railroading & some Digital Photography. I'm retired & married.

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