8foot monster for holding a sign.

All Steel Woman
Me in 1999 sitting on a piece of Art that I made in 1993.

Decided today to meander along & add some more stuff about my hobbies & jobs, etc. From about 1969 to 2001 I made quite a few pieces of Metal Art for myself & friends. In 1981 after my Dad & me closed a welding shop & speed shop here in Arcadia & sold all of the machinery & parts from the speed shop I decided to try to use up all of the scrap steel & junk from old vehicles to make metal Art objects. For about 6 months I started welding stuff together to look like what I had on my brain. I made Dinosaurs, horses, turtles, airplanes, ugly women, uglier men, kids & very funny looking oddities.

I worked about 6 to 8 hrs. a day sitting on a stool in front of a rolling workbench w/a ground clamp from a 225 amp Lincoln stick welder. I started putting items in my front yard as I finished them. Some I painted w/whatever color paint I had in my shop & some I just left to look like rust(as the metal is). The 1st item was a woman made out of truck leaf springs, car rims, brake drums, pipe for legs & driveshaft parts for arms. Small hubcaps for boobs. hair made out of small pcs. of chain, etc. She was about 7ft tall & weighed about 350 pounds. People going by my house would stop & take pictures almost everyday & a lot on the weekends. I lived right on a US highway & the traffic never stopped 24/7. It was about  1988 before that pc. of art sold.

Between the time I started making metal sculptures & the time they started selling I had welded together about 25 items. Pretty soon people started calling my place “Home of the Iron Critters”. So, I hung out an old wood sign made out of wood wire spool innards. I used my old Craftsman router & did the letters.

It was about the end of 1988 that more & more people were buying my highway sculptures. Pretty soon my yard was starting to get bare.



About tlc2011

My Hobby is HO Scale Model Railroading & some Digital Photography. I'm retired & married.

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