Closing this Blog

Hi Everyone that has been following this Blog. I’m shutting it down permanently. Totally out of the Model Railroad Hobby & not making anymore Metal Sculptures. I’m only doing recycling & there’s no stories in this business. Whoever takes care of closing down my Blog, Please do so.

Thanks You,



Model Railroad No More

Hi Everyone. Getting out of the Model Railroad Hobby. Taking everything apart in the next 2 weeks & then start selling everything after that. My Health is the determining factor in my decision. Back Problems, Leg Cramps, Stomach Problems & Feet Problems. I keep thinking I’m still young, but the body says otherwise. At 74 I’m still doing pretty good for my age compared to a lot of my friends at my age. I won’t sell anything on Ebay, but will sell everything on the which I have been a member since 2000. This Web Site is like family to me. 75% of the engines I have bought for my railroad have come from members of this Web Site. I have always kept my engines in perfect running condition & everyone on the Forum knows this. I expect it is going to take me 36 months or more to sell everything.

Everyone that is reading this right now can contact me at; gaprailroad2010@yahoo.comor go to the & look in the ForSale/Trade heading & contact me thru that web site.

Thanks to everyone that has read this Blog over the past year & I really appreciate your fine Comments.

September 11th, 2001

Made a new Sign for this year. The old sign got stolen last year. This one is out by my well traveled side road off of US hwy.17. I will leave it up until the 12th & put it in storage for next year.

North Carolina Vacation

Got back from vacation this past sunday after about 23 days. Spent 2 days in Covington, Ga. w/my sis & then May 1st made it to the Cabin I rented for 30 days in Franklin, NC. When I got into Franklin I followed the map to the cabin. It was 12 miles from Franklin on hwy.28. After we turned off of 28 the roads were almost at a 45 degree & gravel. The only way my Chevy HHR could make it up the roads was in 1st gear in my automatic trans. When I made it to the cabin it was about a half mile. Almost decided to forget it & go home. We thought about it for awhile & decided we didn’t want to lose our money that we paid in advance.($1000.00)

So we stuck it out for about 17 days. The last 2 days before we left we couldn’t even make it up the road because it was so slick & the front wheels would spin. There was a rain coming & we didn’t want to get stuck up there without any way to get into town, so, we left the next day. This is our last trip to NC. At our age it’s getting to hard to make that 14 hr. drive. Coming back we stopped about 3pm in Cordele, Ga. at a Hampton Inn & spent the nite. All nite long there were trains running about every hour about a block from the Inn. Blowing horns for about 10 mins. ea. time.

Then we stopped in Ocala, Fl. at a cousins house for 4 days before heading home. The initial vacation time was supposed to be from April 28th to June 7th. But things happen. Next year will stay in Florida & try to find a place on the beach on the west coast or stay in St.Augustine at the beach. Won’t know until time gets closer. Got garage sales in Nov. 2011 & Feb.2012 to raise money for vacation.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been having a few problems staying busy. I’m in a no work moad. After laying around for almost 3 weeks & watching TV everyday I’ve become quite lazy. I tried to work in the trainroom today, but the laziness kicked in again. So, decided to take some pictures of the engines & stuff I want to sell on the Modelrailroad Forums & spent about an hour doing that. Then went in the house & downloaded all of the photo’s out of my camera to the puter. Then the wife & me went to a Church outing here in town for the Memorial day holiday. had Watermellon, Tomatoes, Corn on the Cob, salads, some soda’s & did a lot of fellowshipping w/people I hadn’t seen for 2 or 3 years. I didn’t realize that there were so many old people at my age(72) still around. Lots of heart attacks going around. Lots of real heavy people around too.

Good thing I decided to start riding my bike again this morning. Maybe if I keep doing that the Lazies will leave & I can get back to work on the layout. Gotta lotta to do.

Last of the ART Photo’s.

These pictures have never been on any web sites until today. They have only been in my Home Photo Album. I’m also downloading them to my PhotoBucket acct. These are all kinds of Art pieces from the last 40 years. From 1969 to 2001. Some were in boxes in my storage room. I spent almost 18 hrs. in 2 days seperating them & pairing them up by catagorie. Since I don’t do Metal Sculptures anymore, these will be the last.Some of these pictures you might see in other Titles here on my Blog, but, that’s OK cause I’m not to old to make mistakes. LOL

Newspaper Articles

I’m going to start putting all of the Newspaper Articles up about My Art & Trains from the past 10 years. The one to start w/is from Cassopolis, Mich.The next newspaper Story was in the local paper on July 31st 2002.

The next newspaper Story was in the local paper again in Dec. of 2009. I didn’t put all of the pictures in that were connected to this story because it would take up to much space.


Went in the Hospital in Port Charlotte Mon. the 17th & had back Surgery on the 4th&5th Disc. & the Tailbone. Don’t know what they did exactly, but I have about an 8″ spot w/27 staples. It’s sore as Hell even w/pain pills. The Doc told me Thurs.(the 20th) when the Hosp. discharged me to use the Walker they gave me & a big wide back brace anytime I’m walking or sitting. Only can sit in front of the puter for about 15 mins. before it starts bothering me. So, I’ll up date what’s happening later or tomorrow.

Well, here it is the 23rd & the back pain has went away just a little if I take a half of a painpill when it starts bothering me. Have a doctors appt. this coming wed. & he’s supposed to remove the staples. Hope-Hope-Hope. I need to get back to work on the train layout, go to upcoming trainshows, train meets, visit friends & update this Blog w/some new/old pictures. I was searching thru my Art Album today to see if I had left anything out of all the pix I have on here & in my PhotoBucket acct.  I found about 60 Art pictures that I will list under Misc. ART.

Went to the doctor yesterday & had the staples taken out of the back. Painful. Little sore today, but feel a lot better. Still have a little pain in the right leg, but the doc said that will probably go away in about a week. Got a followup appt. in 2 weeks.

Area around where the surgery was done has been itching all day, so it must be healing up. Wife put some Neosporin on 1 small open area & put on some elastic bandaids. The visiting nurse will be by tomorrow to close out my visits. I’ll have her check to see if it’s healing up right.

The nurse checked it out yesterday & said the healing process is doing very well. Also, yesterday I finally got to take a whole shower instead of sponge baths. Must have stayed in their for an hour. Today. I don’t have hardly any pain in my leg or back. I spent to much time today in the trainroom w/a lot of visitors & stood on that concrete floor to long. Hurting a little in the back & the side of the leg. Have to remember I’ve only been out of the hospital for a short time & have to take it easier a little bit longer. (sat. Jan. 29th 2011)

Wed. Feb.2nd. Doing 80% better since surgery. The visiting nurse signed me off today. No more visits from her except to bring her twin sister & grandson by in July to see the train layout & to see some of the metal sculptures I still have around here. I figure by the end of Feb. I will be healed up 100% & able to have a garage sale about the 4th & 5th of March. We won’t go to NC this year in May as we do every year. Stay home & do some work around the house. Still have 1 place on top of the right leg that doesn’t have all of the feeling back. Going to the Doc again next wed. at 4pm & supposed to release me for Physical Therapy to start 2 weeks after that. Update later.

Animals & Birds (ART)

Started doing some of this Art in 1981. All have been sold or given away to close friends as Gifts.

Trucks & Tractors (ART)

The Red parade Truck was built on an AMF riding lawnmower frame w/a 10Hp Briggs engine. Had a 3 speed transmission w/a 5 speed variable gear for a higher speed. The body was all handmade from 14ga. steel. front wheels & tires were standard. rear tires & wheels were 14″ Ford aluminum mags. Had electric start & the top speed was about 15mph. I had 3 small trailers I pulled. 2 had old school bus seats & one was for hauling Dragon Art. I had a small tractor muffler underneath aimed at the back w/a 45 degree downturned tailpipe. The Hood on the front opened up just like a car. The interior had a full width seat & was upholstered. The width inside the truck was about 3ft. I taught a teenager how to weld & use torces & a mig & diff. saws & grinders. I also let him drive it in all the parades. I had decals whim as the driver & my name as the designer. I put a loud set of air horns on the roof. Had the tank mounted under the pickup bed out of sight. 125#’s of air would usually last thru a whole parade if you didn’t hold the valve open all the time. We also had OOga horns, Bull Horn & a Large elect. bell. I was always on one of the trailers w/a seat & we always had a friend on the other trailer. The Dragon trailer was made to hold 3 diff. sizes of dragons. Also had lites front & back for driving in nite parades.

All of the above small pieces of  art were made out of diff. kinds of metals. Steel, stainless steel & copper. All of the above have been sold over the years.

Dragons Forever (ART)

Metal Dragons from 1995 till 2001. These are all Thumbnail Photo’s, click on each photo for larger Pictures. The Bodies of all of these are made out of Rectangular or Square tubing, Pipe & Bolts & Nuts.